Cisco Genesys CTI Connector

Etricom’s Cisco-Genesys CTI Connector is a lightweight CTI application that facilitates call centre agents’ Login/Logout actions over the Cisco IP Phones. The traditional approach to log in to (and log out from) a Genesys-managed contact centre system is via an agent desktop application hosted on the agent PC – even when there is no need for CTI screen-pop. The drawback of this is that PCs can be slow to boot up and agents cannot start taking calls sooner. And in the event of a PC failure, the agent gets logged out of the contact centre system and will not be able to take the specially routed calls from Genesys; until the PC is fixed.

Cisco Genesys CTI Connector

With the Cisco-Genesys CTI Connector, ‘moving parts’ are reduced and all Genesys-managed contact centre agents can perform CTI-like actions on the Cisco IP Phone – including make Ready/Not Ready.

Agents need not have to wait for their PCs to boot up before they can log in to the Genesys contact centre system to start taking calls. And with a comparatively better MTBF (because phones are usually built with five 9s reliability), the chances of agents not being able to take calls due to PC failures are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Don’t leave things to chances. Take better control of agent call-handling time and uptime – with the Cisco-Genesys CTI Connector!


● Support fixed extension or Cisco Extension Mobility on CUCM
● ‘Single sign-on’ to Cisco Extension Mobility and Genesys CTI via Cisco phone services
● Light-weight CTI ‘softphone’ client for customer who do not have desktop softphone or CRM client with CTI toolbar
● As a contingency solution to back up the desktop-base or CRM-base softphone to avoid loss of inbound call
● Enable user to login to and logout from CTI via phone service
● Enable user to change CTI state to ready and/or not ready via phone service
● Can be customize to meet different business needs e.g. to display call information/user attached data

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