Telephony Performance Load Test

We provide independent consultancy and end-to-end performance load testing services for telecommunication and contact centre systems, to ensure that the systems and pertinent sub-systems are truly able to handle real-world call volume and meet expected service level, before production roll-out.

To obtain more information on how performance load testing can improve your system reliability before the actual roll-out, please contact our sales specialist at

IT Relocation & Structure Cabling Service

Relocating office is a massive exercise.  Relocating all the office IT equipment is one of the topmost important tasks on the list. Our experienced consultants provide assessments and advice on such relocations to ensure all the IT equipment are properly set up in the new office; providing a smooth transition from the old office to the new office.

Besides IT relocation services, we also provide equipment/server rack layout optimization services.  Having a clean and neat server rack is not only pleasant to look at but also helps save internal IT personnel invaluable time and efforts with troubleshooting.


Consultancy/Professional Service

We provide consultancy services to help derive the best and optimal solution for your business communications needs; be they voice, video or data communications. Our services include:

  • Needs assessments 
  • Expert advice
  • Business requirements specification for RFP
  • Solution architecting and system design
  • System Integration Services
  • Project Management
  • Custom Application

To obtain more information on the consultancy services we provide, please contact us at

Maintenance Support Service

Etricom Solutions stand by the solutions that we deliver – in other words, we don’t just build solutions, we will support the solutions that we build.

We also recognize the importance of systems’ uptime to support the businesses of our clients. For that, we have in place maintenance support plans to meet the varying needs of our clients – from simple break-fix maintenance to adaptive maintenance (i.e. MACD) to preventive maintenance.

Please contact us to find out more about our maintenance support plans and services.